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Preparing for School

Please contact the Timatanga teacher Heather Stevens to arrange suitable times for your 4 year old to visit.  Preschoolers are encouraged to spend some time at school leading up to their fifth birthday.

This allows the child to:

  • Settle into school patterns

  • Socialise

  • Become accustomed to class routines

Admission of a five year old

  • The child should be brought to school the first morning by the parent(s) before 9.00 am.

  • Please bring the following with you: (forms included in pack)

  • Enrolment form providing basic details—correct name, address, birth date etc; medical details; emergency contacts, in case you cannot be contacted (preferably someone local)*

  • Child’s birth certificate and an immunisation certificate (found in plunket book) of which the school will take a photocopy*

  • Signed internet agreements and trip permission slip*

  • Dental Enrolment form*


If your child has any illness, condition or ailment requiring medication, please note on the enrolment form and arrange to have a supply of the medication kept at school in case of emergencies. You should also supply us with information on the appropriate course of action you wish us to follow if problems arise.

Dental Care

The Mobile Dental Clinic comes out to Tinui School at least once a year.  Parents will be contacted to make an appointment.  Children are usually seen in town at Masterton Intermediate School (MIS) or Douglas Park School for any follow up visits.  If you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact the therapist on
06 378 6496 MIS or 06 377 3650 Douglas Park.

Sun Smart

Whareama is a sun smart school. Sun hats must be worn whenever outdoors during the summer months or children must remain in the shaded areas. We also encourage the use of sun block.


The school keeps a stock of stationery items for students. Stationery is issued to pupils as the need arises and charged to the parents. A $10.00 float is asked for when a child first starts school and all stationery purchases are deducted from that. You will be advised when the float is running out and you will need to top up the account.

Personal Property

Children are asked not to bring personal property to school such as toys, special treasures, cell phones etc. The school is not responsible for these items if they are lost or damaged.


The school library is automated and all details of students’ borrowing is recorded on the computer. Please ensure books are looked after. If a book is lost the student is billed for a replacement copy.

Warrant of Fitness for Children

Remember children need:

  • Plenty of sleep, ten hours for primary school aged children is recommended

  • To be well fed! Breakfast is essential before a six hour school day. A nourishing morning tea and lunch is required to keep them​ going.

  • To be secure and loved, children need support, reassurance and to have realistic expectations from their parents and teachers

  • To have a positive attitude

  • To have the correct gear, e.g. stationery, lunch, library books, sports gear etc. We encourage independence and self organisation

Check List

Forms to be handed into the School Office
  • Enrolment Form

  • Birth Certificate*

  • Immunisation Certificate*

  • Dental form*

  • Wairarapa Trip Permission Slip

  • Cybersafety Consent Form

  •  New Entrants and students new to New Zealand only*