The Year 7 and 8 students travel to Makoura College

This happens for 6 weeks every term on a Friday between 10.50am and 2.00pm.

Students are taught in 90-minute classes, spending nine weeks in each rotation of Hard Materials, Computer-Aided Design, Food Technology and Soft Materials.  The eight NZ Technology curriculum strands are covered over a two-year cycle, including the recently revised Digital Technologies pathway.

Students access a variety of Technology pathways through hands-on learning experiences.  The design process underpins our practice.  Students learn through planning and investigation, a foundation for future studies and real-world applications.

This is the only Technology programme in the Wairarapa that offers students comprehensive, engaging and immersive learning within the NZ Technology curriculum.

They attend classes in:


Whareama School
82 Langdale Road
RD 12, Masterton
Wairarapa 5872
New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 372 3808